In technology hub, we’re going be talking about WordPress versus Wix .we’re going to figure out which one is right for you and your website needs. we’re going to be put them head-to-head in specific rounds. WordPress vs Wix can be a very difficult decision. You would not want to spend a lot of time and money into one website builder, only to find out that you needed the other one to get your website needs to be met. So in this article, I’m going to break down WORDPRESS vs WIX in a few categories: 

Ease of Use:

 let’s get this match started first up .we’ve got ease-of-use undoubtedly Wix is designed around user-friendly experience so signing up choosing your domain name and even designing your website what they’re visual interface is a breeze. you can drag and drop elements on your website wherever you want and you can create a header with a menu in it in just a few simple clicks or even set up a contact form without having much or any web design experience at all so if you’d like to check out Wix for yourself just click on the WIX.

Next up, we’ve got WordPress so WordPress, on the other hand, takes a little bit of a learning curve to get used to you can install it with just one simple click through your hosting provider but there’s not a walkthrough to get you set up in the beginning but if you subscribe to my website and channel.

. I post tons of awesome step-by-step tutorials for creating awesome websites for pretty much anything that you need so I highly recommend doing that with a simple tutorial WordPress is not very daunting at all but we’re gonna give this round to Wix because nothing beats that user interface it is geared towards beginners.


what’s next up, we’ve got cost so I’m going to be comparing the cost of both Wix and WordPress based on if you were to sign up for one year of their cheapest plan and the reason I choose one year is because of no matter which one you use. you have to buy a domain name for 12 months so you might get your design platform for 12 months as well and another reason is that if you pay month-to-month your price will be a little bit higher than if you were to do it annually and that’s for both Wix and WordPress so first up is Wix so the cheapest plan that Wix has two off if you commit to an entire year is about $11 a month which comes out to about one hundred and thirty-two dollars a year so that easy setup and design will come with a little bit of a cost now.

WordPress , on the other hand, is technically free but to install and use it you have to sign up for web hosting and if you’re not sure what web hosting is?. I have a whole video on my youtube channel that where I explain it with visual examples and it’s super easy to understand so I will link that in the description as well anyway I use for my hosting and I even worked out a special discount code for all of my viewers here at creative Pro a website where you can get hosting for a huge discount so for one year of using WordPress with a paid hosting plan is going to come out to about seventy-eight dollars a year and even if you chose to do a month-to-month payment plan. it’s still actually cheaper than Wix so WordPress wins this round for being the most affordable knockout.

Customization & Flexibility

Next, we’ve got customization and flexibility so whenever you make a website with Wix .you generally start with a template and they’ve got about 300 different templates to choose from and once you choose one then you can start changing your images changing your buttons and button colors changing fonts and font colors .you can pretty much do everything as far as design goes and it has hundreds of different plugins inside the Wix app market that allow you to increase the functionality on your website with helpful tools and apps but the selection of plugins with Wix is nothing compared to what WordPress has to offer so WordPress is virtually endless as far as customization and flexibility go it has over 1,000 different free themes some of which you can even use as a drag-and-drop builder much like Wix. There are over about 10,000 different paid themes that you can use for around 40 to 60 dollars apiece and these allow you to have a hundred and ten percent control over customization and flexibility so that means changing images and buttons and texts and everything that I mentioned previously with Wix. But you also have over 29,000 different free plugins with WordPress that allow you to increase the functionality. so you can create an online store you can show off your Instagram feed on your website you can create a contact form. I have tutorials for all those things on my channel if you’re interested so without a shadow of a doubt WordPress is the clear winner for this round.


Next up we’ve got e-commerce and if you don’t know what e-commerce is?. it’s just turning your website into an online store Wix does have e-commerce capabilities but it’s mainly built for small business owners that are looking to start a small shop and start making money as quickly as possible .it has tax and shipping capabilities. It can do virtual products and you can even track your sales but it’s not as robust for those of you that want to move product in high volumes or do different shipping methods and currencies etc. WordPress on the other hand is much more powerful for supporting pretty much any e-commerce site that you want to make it has a very popular plugin called WooCommerce. this allows you to create all of your products, create virtual products create different payment methods such as PayPal, stripe, USPS, etc .you can even create coupons special offers and more so once again WordPress takes this round.

Overall Recommendation

 Now at this moment , you’ve all been waiting for my overall recommendation so as far as Wix goes I recommend this for anyone that just wants to focus on design and nothing else because Wix is perfect for beginners to create awesome looking websites in no time at all so this is anyone that needs a CV resume or portfolio website maybe you’re freelance or anything like that Wix is perfect.

Wix also offers 24/7support so if you need anything done you can always contact Wix and they’ll help you out right away but I have to say that WordPress is my number one recommendation because the options are just limitless with WordPress with all the themes the plugins and there’s so many tutorials out there most of which you should check out on this channel because they’re all step-by-step and so easy to use but WordPress allows you to do anything from creating stores that bring in hundreds of thousand dollars a month to creating that portfolio website that you want photography websites literally anything .you can think of you can with WordPress and as long as you get through a basic tutorial of WordPress’s interface it’s actually pretty easy to use and it’s the most affordable option .okay guys I hope this helped to explain Wix vs WordPress if you enjoyed the post, please put a comment or if you want more awesome tips tricks tutorials step-by-step guides please smash that subscribe button on my channel (DMBUZ)and website.