why we need 5g technology:

5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology with a broadband speed of 1.5Gbps much lighter than its predecessor 4G of the fourth generation. Because of this speed many experts consider 5G as the foundation stone of the “fourth industrial revolution” where artificial intelligence will occupy many years of work with the help of machines. Only 5G Technology can materialize this dream. Artificial intelligence is also very helpful for making vaccines of many diseases like coronavirus (COVID-19) This scope of 5G has put leading powers of the world, the US and China, at loggerheads. Both want a monopoly over patents, market and know-how because of possible military use in the manufacture of intelligent weapons that will completely change the perceptions of warfare and will also decide the title of superpower.

Trade war tussle between the aforementioned countries can trace its origin in the competition between them for 5G technology. Donald Trump imposed a ban over Huawei and ZTE over the allegations of theft and technology transfer to prevent Chinese access to American knowledge of 5G technology.

This trade war competition has already affected global GDP growth. Beyond these negative effects some experts say that in the next one and half decade intelligent devices will replace humans that will cause unemployment. This is also a threat to privacy and personal security where hack in the device can expose personal information about any person and place that are must be classified.

5g technology countries:

China: Three Companies Lead the Charge

The world’s biggest 5G network was launched by the three biggest Chinese system administrators Oct 31, 2019, as indicated by the state-run news office Xinhua. China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom all initiated their systems in under five months after they were given 5G licenses.

South Korea: SK Telecom and Korea Telecom Compete

SK Telecom and Korea Telecom (KT) are the main competitors for the South Korean 5G market.

United Kingdom: Four Providers Launch Deployment Throughout 2019

Countries with 5G also fall within the U.K. Over the course of 2019, EE, Vodafone UK, Three UK, and O2 UK launched commercial deployments in the U.K. These operators are using equipment namely from Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei.

Germany: Vodafone and Deutsche Lead 5G market

In 2019, Vodafone Germany and Deutsche Telekom Germany propelled 5G benefits in a few urban communities.

The United States Endeavors to Lead the 5G Race

In Sept. 2018 the FCC reported its 5G FAST Plan with an end goal to propel the nation’s situation among the nations that have sent 5G systems

5g technology health concerns:

Experts are also carrying research on possible health problems that will sprout when humans will be exposed to the radios waves of fifth-generation cellular networks. Because its radio waves are more powerful than previous networks, therefore any exposure of human can damage fragile tissues like brain tissues and causes anxiety and strain. Further study will guide us to know other possible health concerns for health.


From this analysis we can conclude that where 5G Technology can revolutionize the lifestyle of the public at the same time strings are also attached in the form of possible threats that we cannot overlook. Its use should be allowed in such a way that it benefits the general public in lies of harming it.