Why healthcare budget is important

Before the outbreak of coronavirus global priorities were myopic and self-concentrated primarily focused on militarization and armament. Countries perceived security threats from other countries or regions that instigated the accumulation of weapons and technologies to neutralize others. But coronavirus a.k.a Covid-19 has exposed the vulnerability of the priorities and human approach that is enemy may also come from hidden places that human is unable to detect unless it has infected considerable damage.

The US alone spends more than $120 billion on weapons and maintenance of the military. When we see these budget, allocations coupled with that of NATO it exceeds the figure more than $1.5 trillion. Other countries who are also in this race are China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and India that spends more than $250 billion approximately, on their militaries. Small players like Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan have also diverted a considerable amount of money toward modernization of their armies to keep their say in international affairs. These investments in military means have repercussions that have negatively impact humanity primarily in the forms of wars and conflicts. The Middle East is burning because the military-industrial complex needs constant wars and conflicts to fit its insatiable appetite that is consuming humanity and resources. Countries consider militarizes and technology as the representation of their power.

Global invasion of coronavirus or Covid-19 has answered, why the healthcare budget is important and what should be the priorities and focus of human strategies. The US that spends more than $720 billion on military technologies invests less than $150 billion on research and advancement in healthcare and the European Union spends less than $100 billion in this area. Other countries have also relegated healthcare of second or third priority. This approach has cost dearly at present when the health care system was not ready to bear the brunt of coronavirus or Covid-19 putting millions at the risk of extinction, not to include those who have already lost this war against coronavirus. With the present structure and capability and capacity of healthcare system, health experts and researchers say that it will take more than four months to prepare the vaccine for coronavirus that is not prepared after 4 months. These four months are lower estimates that may extend to six or seven months. During the period of preparation of vaccines for coronavirus, this Covis-19 will continue to wreak havoc and countries are left with limited options to take stringent measures like lock-down at the risk of their economies. Developing countries like Pak who also carry large debts more vulnerable during these testing times because of their fragile healthcare systems and weak economies. Many economic experts believe that if global lock-down extends one more month it may cause another economic recession that will be more in its severity than the economic recession 1929 or economic recession of 2008. This consternation of experts is revealing that criminal negligence of world leaders by neglecting the health care budget will now affect the entire planet clearly. While the chances of pandemics in the future can not be ruled out there affect this, there is a need to invest in health (care) research and development to humble the present and future invasion by the spectra of pandemics. This will not only preserve the human race from decreases but will also help in preserving peach. One of the mammoth budgets of militarizes comes down. So, research and development in health are necessary to fight invisible enemies that attack lives without the prejudice of rich or poor, child or young.


We can conclude that the healthcare budget is needed for the hour the prevent any catastrophes that can put the human beings at risk. Countries, in these testing times, should pursue that policy of cooperation to yield a collective response toward this crisis.