some people say that coding from scratch is obsolete and others say that content management systems like WordPress are not nearly sophisticated enough so which ones right .It’s gonna get spicy in the comments today WYSIWYG CMS whatever you call it .

WordPress, Square space Vs hand coding

It’s used generally to replace coding so that the user does not have to learn all these tools and techniques but coding allows you to make customized solutions with the trade-off of having to have an extensive amount of knowledge so which one is the best ah that’s a trick question now with tools like WordPress and Square space that’s generally best for small businesses.

you can set up online stores. you never have to learn how to do any database management .you can also do blogs all without having to set up HTML and whole pages with themes drag-and-drop options and a little bit of esoteric knowledge based on the content management that you choose well then, why would you have any coding ?. These websites are more cookie cutter and make it really hard to create a unique experience or tackle specific problems and that’s where hand coding comes in if you’re working for a larger team or a team where specific coding performance matters .you’re going to be working with developers take Amazon as a example every second that it takes for the page load they can lose massive amounts of revenue .So you can bet that they’re working with developers instead of just content management systems veteran developers such as John song as the simple programmer use WordPress and bigger youtubers like engineer truth have wordpress and this allows separate users to go ahead and make blog posts.

I know this makes content management systems look like the better choice .Most of the time, they’re for a smaller business, yeah they are the better choice .you don’t have to have a total built it from scratch website to do the successful thing.  I just got done with a client and all it was was a website redesign with Square space. They have seen significant traffic improvement and even improvement in sales. you can be successful without having to hand-code but with that said if you do know, how to hand-code, you can do a lot more customizable stuff with WordPress, Squarespace and Wix.

What have you?. I do that all the time. when I take in a client with content management systems for my work, it’s all hand-coded whatever. I do have to be hand-coded need to make a form hand-coded pass the data off you better code that up yourself . They look freak in sweet compared to some cookie-cutter form you can tell that it’s a unique type of form or a unique type of layout also some of the older technology that we have is not done with any WYSIWYG .you have to know, how to code it yourself ?. Now you have to know some of that older code like, Visual Basic just a few things but you can not do that within a content management system. It’s something that we have built into the company. We have to know, how to develop for it ?. we have to know, how to look at that information and serve it up to the website. So yes, this was a short comparison and a little bit of a trick question but to summarize content management systems are great for small businesses, personal websites and even a few larger companies because they can serve everything that you need within the content management system without knowing, how to code. But if you do know how to code? , you can make it that much better. what you need to solve specific problems such as loading a page to get the most sales possible maintain old legacy code or make customizable solutions that you just won’t find anywhere else . you’ll need developers so that’s my take I know I’m gonna get a little bit of heat from this I know people are very passionate about this topic .

So let me know what you think of content editors or coding which one do you do have you done both what’s your opinion and what’s your experience is with that let me know in the comments. if you haven’t subscribed my channel and website go ahead and subscribe. leave a like if you like this share it with someone that you know and I will see you next time.