hey there, Engr.Noman Shahid here. I want to write about the best freelance websites for beginners 2020. it’s a fairly popular topic out there, so I wanted to do an article on this now before I get into this, I just want to kind of give you a fair warning if this is what you’re looking for I’m not gonna give you some massive list I did a little bit. I always try to do a little bit of research before I do an article. so I’m not just kind of doing the same thing, you know everybody else is doing on a particular topic. what I noticed is a lot of the posts and videos and stuff for this topic tend to be just these massive lists. I just don’t think that’s all that helpful so, instead, I’m gonna give you an opinion. I’m gonna describe sort of a process of growing your talent as a freelancer and the sites that you can use to help you. You do that so really what this is if you’re looking for a massive list of sites this is not the article for that so you know maybe, you’ll want to try something else alright.



So that’s, It let’s jump into this so the first site that I recommend you is Fiverr. The reason why is it’s gonna teach you. How to create compelling service offers the more that I do this the more I’m convinced that fiver is the place to start and it’s not because it’s the best platformed that you’ll necessarily even get a ton of work from it. Although you could because it forces you to think about your services and learn things that will be critical to your success as a freelancer .so the first thing is marketing,  your services as products if you look at how Fiverr is built ?you’re essentially offering micro services that end up looking more like products .so for example, I happen to be looking at podcast art, the other day on Fiverr and all the people offering those services. They’re presumably, graphic designers or wanna be graphic designers or whatever and their service is a graphic design that’s ultimately what they’re doing but what they’re offering is podcast art so they’re doing graphic design but and it’s a service but it looks more like a product and positioning your service as services as products are the key to making more money as a freelancer and getting more per project as a freelancer being happier because you do not sort of being asked to do all these crazy things .you’re doing kind of a set of services that are again pitched graphic products. so forth so, it just makes life a heck of a lot easier as a freelancer when you learn how to sell sort of micro services as products? So that’s the first thing about a Fiverr.

The second thing is up selling so if you’re not familiar with the premise of Fiverr. what it was originally was that you could pay five dollars for some sort of core service. Then there were these extra, you could pay extra for certain add-ons. Now it’s changed a little bit because now, you can charge more than five dollars for the core service but it’s still kind of has that same operates that same way so its core service plus add-ons now this forces you to break down you’re the services you’re offering and understand what the core is offering .understand what are up sells, understand what are the quote-unquote features of your service because you have to break those down inside a Fiverr to have a core service and up-sells it helps you really figure out the kind of things that people want from you and by doing this you’re just gonna be much better at crafting compelling offers and much more able to put offers together that people just sort of naturally want .you don’t have to do a ton of selling and again Fiverr sort of naturally forces you to do this with, how the site is built? the last thing then that I like about fiver.

why I think you should start here ? . one of the questions I get asked a lot is, how do you get experience without experience? how do you get good at delivering and doing a good job for clients without first getting clients? and doing that and it sort of is a catch-22.I think the way through that is you start with smaller more well-defined projects with a really strict scope. I’ve talked about this before. I’ve done article right about how to do that but one of the things about Fiverr is it forces you to do that and so what happens is, you don’t get over you in over your head while you learn to interact and deliver for clients. so it gives you sort of a safe space so to speak to learn, how to be a freelancer to learn? how to deal with clients ?. so forth and it just kind of naturally forces you to do that so for all those reasons. there’s you know several more but I think Fiverr is the first place that you should start again not because it’s necessary gonna get a ton of work or that’s where you’re gonna make the most your money or it’s a good site or any of that I know people come on and say all fivers the worst and all that sort of stuff that’s not why I’m recommending it. I’m recommending it because of what you will learn the skills that you will learn as a freelancer that is going to help you further on down the line.Now my pro tip here is fiver is also a great research tool so if you want to you know even if you’re not gonna go on Fiverr .it’s a great place for you to go and look up a particular service or topic and look at what others in that niche are offering four core products and services especially the top listed get gigs the ones that are top-rated or have the most purchases etc. look at those and see what they’re listing out is their core services that are gonna give you a good idea of what people that niche is looking for . if you want to go on a deep dive in it hire those people and get a feel for how they deliver and so forth so you can get some sense of what people in that niche want .so it’s a great research tool alright.



once you’ve been on Fiverr for a while then I recommend you head on over to up work. again I’m gonna get push back on this but I still you know Fiverr is perfect for starting out that’s the thing about it but eventually you’ll want to move into larger higher paying jobs and as of right now up work is still sort of t  the largest freelancing platform out there to do that so the reason to go there next is because is the biggest one out there with the most opportunity and has the most of those kinds of projects those bigger sorts of projects .you know and again if you really don’t want to use up work you could do freelancer or another one just you want to go to some sort of open type network in contrast to a curated network which we’ll talk about but we’re you know curated one you have to go through this huge application process you want to go to an open network where you can get in pretty easily but once you’re in then you have to compete and that’s the main reason why you want to go to up work Nexus access to the larger jobs the higher paying jobs the you know the ones with the high sort of revenue ceiling son them but also to teach you how to compete with the big boys and girls out there . how to deliver on big projects? .you’ve done sort of the microservices over on Fiverr. you’ve learned how to deliver there?. now it’s time to take that next step and get those big projects .it’s gonna teach you how to compete for those ?, how things are a little bit different when you start bidding on bit bigger jobs and so forth the nice thing for you is if you do go to Fiverr first and you spend some time over there and you build up the sort of a clientele and all that then you’ll have a client history .you’ll have a portfolio .you’ll have some of those things to bring with you to up work which is gonna make it easier to get approved on up work. then also start getting work over on up work so again .that’s why I describe this as a process because one builds on the other and makes the next step easier for you .now just as a quick aside here if you’d like to get a leg up. I do teach a course on up work which right now is the number two freelancing course. I will show you how to build your profile. how to bid on a job? I will show you to get work outside of up work. it’s all in the context of understanding that up work is an algorithm-driven platform .it relies heavily on its algorithms sort of like a search engine in that sense. so I will show you in future, how those algorithms work so that you can rank higher from the beginning. you can standout better you can get more work all of those things anyway.



the last site or type of site that I recommend is Topal or something like it .we’ll talk about that in a second but Topal is a curated platform as I mentioned before so they don’t just let anyone. Topal specifically boasts that they only let in the top 3% of talent . they do have a very rigorous and picky application process. I happen to be an affiliate for them so, I can see when people apply to be a member of Topal out through my affiliate link and how many of those get approved and so forth and it’s very very few that get approved .so they do have a very picky application process but the thing about these sites is that it’s different from the open networks. it easy to get in but more competitive once you’re in these or a lot harder to gain but once you’re in sort of in the club and it becomes way less competitive. they work more with you to try to help you get work because of the way that they sort of set up their site .so if you can get in .you know one of the sites like this can be all you need for your freelance career like this could be the thing that you do if you can get in now with that said the reason I say stop Tyler something similar is Topal out tends to be oriented towards tech and sort of the finance world .so it has kind of a specific niche in that sense. you know that may not be the kind of freelancing that you’re doing .so ,you just want to find another one . what you’re looking for is a curated freelancing site.  there’s several of them out there. There are probably ones in your niche that I don’t even know of because I’m not in that niche so just do some looking out there for curated platforms and a lot of times, you’ll be able to find something. now my pro tip with this is research research research right it seems like a lot of people go into this and they sort of maybe. they’ve been on up could, they’ve done some other stuff and they know, they’re a good freelancer which that’s good but they sort of underestimate, what the application process is gonna be like. it’s not good enough to be a good freelancer right if you taught talking topped out top 3% of freelance talent well you could be a really good freelancer and not be in that top 3% so you really have to go into this being prepared for what the application process is gonna be like so in the way that you do that is through research .so try to find out as much about the application process and what it takes to be successful before you apply and I know top specifically ,

you can find posts out there from people who applied and been rejected people, who applied and accepted .you know you can find information out there so research as much of that as possible before you apply .so that you can have some idea of what you’re gonna need to do going into the application process because again if it can be worth ,it to go through that extra work because once , you’re in if you get in you know that could be again everything that you need for your freelance career so do  the research and don’t just think oh well .I’m you know a stud on up work or freelancer or whatever. I’m a great freelancer.  so I’m good at the sites or extremely picky. they’re looking for reasons to exclude you, not the other way around, 

so you have to be prepared for that so that’s sort of my thoughts on the best freelancing sites out there for beginners to start with Fiverr move into an open platform like up work and then ultimately try to get into a curated network or a network curated platform like top tile or something else again speaking specifically on sites .there’s a whole other area of you know creating content and creating services page on your website and so forthright but in terms of speaking of freelancing sites specifically this is not only the sites that I would go through but the route that I would recommend to grow your career and grow your talent and learn things in sort of the right order in a way that’s gonna set you up to be successful as a freelancer long term so take that for what it’s wort hall right. if you did like this article, appreciate it, if you would support the show you can do that in several ways the first way is a subscription o