Technology has changed the way humans being used to live. It has impacted daily life to such an extent that now it has become an indispensable part of daily life. Where technology is improving other sectors education and higher education are also increasingly coming under the influence of technology.

Technology primarily computers, the internet, and the development of information technology have expanded the scope and horizon of higher education. Information and data that was previously bound to libraries and book stores are now just a click away and one can access it from anywhere if one has access to the internet and one to use computers. This is a breakthrough in the world of research and development because now more students can be enrolled in a minimum budget efficiently.

Universities are also transforming their data into a digital form making it possible for students to quench that quest for knowledge. This increasing digitization of data is bringing universities and scholars from the entire world closer to one another making a cloud that will be accessible without the limits of boundaries and borders. Technology has provided an opportunity for the students and scholars from the magmalike and developing world to access research, development, and mainstream trends that are going on in the developed world.

Technology has provided a chance to higher education in this part of the world to align it with modern trends and fill the gap in their small educated youth. Therefor by efficiently using modern technology in higher education developing countries can exploit their untapped human resource by bringing them in the development process. In this way, technology can not only increase skillful and educated persons but also can significantly add to the economic development of these countries.

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Information and access to data are not the only limitations of modern technology in higher education. Many universities have successfully increased their search by the use of technology. Allama Iqbal and virtual university are the examples in Pakistan, how universities can even engage those students who can not enroll in universities because of their tough working schedule or those who hail from Marginalizes areas therefore, can not afford proper universities. Through online, courses, and classes now students can become their students and can get a degree that will enhance their capabilities and working skills. This style of teaching is a revolution on its own.

Now at this testing times when the corona virus has invaded the world, technology has provided a way to schools and universities to connect with their students by using computers and the internet coming online. This is also an effective way to hire experts in relevant fields to come online from anywhere to teach students who want to become best after their studies. Technology has shortened the distances and saving time to impart education from the best sources. Therefore, Technology is playing its role to improve the standard of higher education. This improvement will yield results when students will be informative skillful and well-prepared for all sorts of environment.

Besides easy access to information and online education, technology is also helpful in the personal capacity building of the students. The encounter many events that are going on in the world making the acquaintance to the changes in the world. The change whether positive or negative are expanding the mental abilities of the students thereby making the smart and intelligent introduction of smart screens in classrooms has provided a diverse style of teaching that was not possible previously. Studies also show that the mind is more intrigued towards the visual and lessons in documentary or film form than written form. The smart screen can make it possible to play these visuals in the classroom that will make students better understand their area of study.

Conclusions :

But the higher education management should also keep containing things in their mind that total online classes or reliance on digital information could not make students just passes. Therefore, the classroom environment is also necessary for the technology to perform in the best way, otherwise, it can become a great source of waste of time. We can conclude that calculated and measured use of technology in higher education can change the way. These studies were perceived. It can make data accessible anywhere in this globalized world bringing developing countries at par with developed w