Improving the immune system

Coronavirus is a very contagious disease. It began in Wuhan city of China. Presently spread over the entire world. Right now, there are no particular immunizations or medicines for COVID-19. Be that as it may, numerous progressing clinical preliminaries are assessing likely medicines. You can fight against COVID-19 by improving your immune system.

what is the immune system:

Insufficiencies of explicit nutrients have been connected with the decline of the immune system. At the point when you don’t eat enough of the antioxidant nutrients, nutrients A, C and E through eating routine, invulnerable cells are progressively inclined to harm because of oxidative pressure. Adequate amounts of B-nutrients, especially nutrient B6 and B12, are additionally basic for sound immune capacity. As far as minerals, inadequacies of iron, zinc and selenium are most firmly connected with solid immune capacity. Resistant capacity decreases with age, which might be somewhat because of the way that more seasoned individuals eat less and may miss the mark regarding getting sufficient amounts of the nutrients and minerals required for solid safe capacity.

There are many ways to improve the immune system against coronavirus:

  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables rich with vitamins and minerals.
  • Try to do Exercise regularly.
  • Keep up a healthy weight.
  • If you drink alcohol, drink just with some restraint.
  • Get satisfactory rest.
  • Drink hot water
  • Find a way to maintain a strategic distance from disease, for example, washing your hands with Sanitizer or soap and cooking meats (chicken, beef) thoroughly.
  • Try to minimize stress.
  • you can use a supplement to improve the immune system

Top ten foods that improve your immune system 

Top ten foods list:

In Papaya (It is a portion of food and loaded with vitamin C)

you can find 157% of the regular daily amount in a single papaya. It started in Central America and Southern Mexico. Now it is grown in many other parts of the world. It contains the enzyme papain, potassium, vitamins B, folate, antioxidant vitamin A.

Garlic is also known as an immunity-boosting superstar, It used to treat flu, common cold, erectile dysfunction. one garlic contains 5mg calcium, 12mg potassium, 100sulphuric compounds. Raw garlic is best and you can use it with water and honey. Garlic brings down circulatory strain, cholesterol and executes parasites..

Green Tea contains Flavonoids,anti-oxidant, epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG).EGCG enhances the immune system.

Broccoli is supercharged with vitamins(Broccoli is supercharged with vitamins(A, C and E), minerals and fiber.

Ginger decreases inflammation, cures sore throat, joint pain, flu, and the common cold, decreases nausea. It contains gingerol(decreases chronic pain, lowers cholesterol).you can use ginger with honey. It can likewise be utilized for erectile dysfunction.

Spinach Rich with vitamin c,anti-oxidant,beta-carotene(increases infection-fighting ability).It is rich with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, folate that are helpful for immunity.

Citrus fruits have maximum amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells which play a key role in fighting against infections. Vitamin c also shortens respiratory should consume citrus fruits 75-100mg daily.

Red Bell Peppers contain twice as much nutrient c, beta carotene when contrasted with citrus natural products supportive of solid skin.

Apple contains vitamin A,b1,b2 and vitamin C.These vitamins are essential for the proper immune system.It contains pectin (a kind of fiber) supports gut microscopic organisms that legitimately increment the insusceptible framework

Soluble fiber changes the personality of immune cells-they go from being pro-inflammatory, angry cells to anti-inflammatory, healing cells that help us recover faster from infection’ by Dr.Gregory Freud

Banana is also exceptionally accommodating for health. It contains potassium which is very helpful to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. we can improve the immune system using fruits, vegetables , supplements, and regular exercise. But we should consult a doctor if we have symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19.