coronavirus (COVID-19) , the symptoms and precautions

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus infections (COVID-19) is an alluring disease brought about by coronavirus. coronavirus started from Wuhan city (China) and now Coronavirus outbreak across the whole world. Presently proclaimed as a pandemic. It is also a fatal disease. It is not sure coronavirus is man-made.

Most by far debased with the COVID-19 contamination will experience smooth to coordinate respiratory ailment and recoup without requiring unmistakable treatment. More old individuals and those with fundamental clinical issues like cardiovascular sickness, diabetes, ceaseless respiratory malady, and malignant growth are bound to create genuine contaminations.

The most ideal approach to stay away from and hinder spread is to be all around educated about the coronavirus, the sickness its causes and how its victories. Ensure yourself just as others from sullying by washing your hands or using an alcohol based clean reliably and not reaching your face.

coronavirus triumphs essentially through dabs of spit or release from the nose when a debilitated individual hacks or wheezes, so it’s critical that you in like manner practice respiratory goodness (for example, by hacking into a calculated elbow). Coronavirus also spread in the rain or cold temperature in a rapid way.

As of now, there are no particular immunizations or medicines. Notwithstanding, numerous progressing clinical preliminaries are assessing expected medicines.

Coronavirus spread in various individuals in various manners.

symptoms :

  • fever
  • tiredness
  • dry cough.

Different side effects include:

  • brevity of breath
  • a throbbing painfulness
  • sore throat
  • what’s more, not many individuals will report diarrhea, queasiness or a runny nose.
  • Individuals with mellow indications who are in any case solid should self-isolate.
  • Individuals with fever, hack or trouble breathing should call their primary care physician and look for clinical consideration.


  •     Firstly, Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
  •     Keep up at any rate 1-meter separation among you and individuals strolling.
  •     Attempt to Avoid contacting your face.
  •     Attempt to Cover your mouth and nose when hacking or wheezing.
  •     Try to restric at home if you are sick.
  •     Refrain from smoking and working in dust that weakens the lungs.